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Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena, a social-political organization formed on March 18th,2016 in the heart of North Karnataka i.e. Hubli. Under the leadership of its founder president Shri.S.S.Shankaranna along with youngsters from various parties of North Karnataka including Gulbarga, Bijapur, Belgaum, Gadag, etc. Born out of several years of injustice meted out to the region of North Karnataka. In one word it was born out of injustice at the lack of even basic facilities in this part, be it Education or Industries or Employment creation or lack of irrigation projects, when compared to South Karnataka, especially Bangalore.

Ever since the formation of Karnataka state on 1st November 1956, no government which came to power ever called for the overall development of this area. Even though in 2001 a committee headed by Dr.Nanjundappa was formed to suggest measures for the development of North Karnataka. No concrete action is taken on this till date and this area continues to suffer the Couse of injustice which we honestly do not deserve. Even though Suvarna Soudha was inaugurated on 11th October 2012 in Bengaluru, yet till today no major government officers are shifted here and as a joke, every year winter session is held here for 10 days .Spending corers of people’s money which has ended up being a 10 day Entertainment trip for MLA and Bureaucrats with extra stay in nearly Goa.

What more can we expect from them who had kept the name of our state only as “Mysore State” in 1956. It was Davangere which was almost finalized to be the capital of the state, but with the conspiracies of people in South Karnataka. Bangalore though not being at the center of the state, but in bottom was made the capital. Marking the beginning of injustice to the land and people of North Karnataka. One should not forget the seeds for the unification of Karnataka State was sowed and begun in Dharwad. Yet once the state was formed we the people of North Karnataka were sidelined. It was this history of neglect and injustice to us that led to the formation of UJS on March 18th , 2016. It was our UTTARA (Answer) to the injustice meted out to us.


Overall development of our proud motherland of North Karnataka is the basic objective and goal of UJS. This being the land of lord Basavanna, Kittur Rani Chennamma, Sangolli Rayanna, Shri Channa Basaveshwara, Santa Shishunala Sharif, and Sindhura Lakshmana, we take pride in being born here and want to develop our land if not for us, at least for the future of children’s of North Karnataka

state and District body EXECUTIVES

New State and District Body Executives Are To Be Constituted Shortly.

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