Issues we have so far fought

This is the essence of some of the services done by the North Karnataka Janashakti Sena in Hubli in just one year, and in the coming days, with the blessings of Guru- elders and the power of Lord Shiva, our organization emerge as a big power in North Karnataka.

Social Issues

Uttara Karnataka's Struggle: Inequalities and Challenges

Shortages in medical facilities and healthcare professionals exacerbate healthcare inequities. Deficient infrastructure less connectivity and economic growth, especially in rural areas. Governance inefficiencies and limited job prospects further slow down progress. Tragic events like maternal deaths occur when doctors neglect their responsibilities. Article A-371 is used only for aesthetic purposes, ignoring its actual intent.

Counsels Youth On Ganja Dangers

Recognizing the growing issue of youth falling into ganja, UJS launched counseling programs. Through these initiatives, UJS has successfully guided many youngsters away from the ganja addiction and cleared the way for a brighter, healthier future for youths.

Hindu Muslim unity celebration denied

Last year in November, the Muslim community was denied permission to celebrate Tipu Jayanti at the Idgah Maidan in Hubballi. Because of this Muslim leaders came to the Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena. We took permission on our own responsibility and celebrated Tipu Jayanti.

UJS Supports Handicap Athletes

Many handicapped sports persons were assisted by UJS, by giving strict warnings to the concerned officers on irregularity in sports funds delivery. The sports funds that were rightfully due to them were held for ransom, and we played our role in getting this channelized.

Lay Siege To Tahsildar's Office

15-20000 people have participated and marched together to surround the Tahsildar's office marking a significant day of Hindu-Muslim-Dalit Unity Day and the right msg of Hindu muslim unity has been sent to the society.

Protest against corruption at KIMS

KIMS is the only ray of hope for the poor of North Karnataka, it became the center of corruption and negligence. From the government, doctors are getting a lack of salary but still, they choose the wrong way to make money. Hundreds of Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena activists laid siege to KIMS Director, blocked and warned him, inspite of heavy pressure from police department we still Protest against corruption at KIMS. Suvarna News 24 * 7 covered this struggle exclusively, as a result of which today patients in KIMS are saying that they will get better treatment as soon as they say the name of "Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena”.

Fight Against Micro-Finance Company

In the name of micro-finance, the exploitation of poor people and girls was going on in Hubli. They used to Get important documents of the poor and on those give the loan to others, also we got complaints that collection agents used to collect monthly amounts and not deposit to the company, resulting making the borrowers defaulters. When these issues were brought to us we filed a police complaint and registered FIR against the microfinance company. By our act of solidarity, many families are living in peace from these fraudsters.

Farmers Issues

Agricultural Extension Services, And Policy Implementation Issues

Farmers face horrible consequences, those who seeking fertilizer are met with gunshots, while sugarcane growers suffer losses due to low rates. These obstacles highlight the critical need for more finance for irrigation projects, better extension services, and more equitable allocation of subsidies. Addressing these issues thoroughly is vital to ensuring equitable agricultural development and prosperity in the region.

Farmers Protest At Axis Bank

When the farmers of Kalghatagi, Navalgund, and Naragunda in North Karnataka, were reeling under drought, we came to know about the goondaism with farmers who received the lowest loans from Vijaya Bank at their residences. Suvarna News, in association with 24 * 7, we laid siege to the Vijaya Bank in Hubballi and first issued a notice on behalf of the farmers and warned bankers not to forcibly collect money from the farmers in front of the bank. Within two days related Chief Minister gave the order not to collect any money from the farmers.

Justice in Kalsa-Banduri Water Dispute

The people played a significant role in rallying support and advocating for justice for the people of North Karnataka during march protests regarding the Kalsa-Banduri water-sharing issue. Their actions were intended to draw attention to the region's complaints and guarantee that North Karnataka's concerns were taken into account when making decisions about the diversion of water from the Mahadayi River. Because of UJS engagement, political action and community engagement around this subject in North Karnataka were highlighted.

Educational ISSUES

Education Inequality in Uttara Karnataka

Concerns arise over the unequal distribution of educational opportunities, with prestigious institutions often concentrated in regions like Dakshina Karnataka, leaving students in Uttara Karnataka at a disadvantage. This educational inequality extends to examinations like the KPSC, where North Karnataka residents may face discrimination. Despite VTU being located in Belagavi, courses are developed elsewhere, further exacerbating disparities. Together, we advocate for equality in education, urging for fair resource allocation and opportunities for all.

Infrastructure Issues

Infrastructure Deficiencies in Uttara Karnataka

Poor infrastructure in North Karnataka exacerbates daily challenges for its residents. Insufficient road networks and poor public transportation systems lead to difficulties in traveling and accessing essential services. Frequent power outages due to inadequate electricity infrastructure disrupt economic activities and daily routines. Overall, the lack of proper infrastructure in North Karnataka significantly impacts socio-economic development and reduces the quality of life for its people. The UJS actively supports infrastructure improvements, pressure for better road networks, more reliable public transportation, and enhanced electricity infrastructure to address the region’s pressing needs and improve the lives of its residents.

UJS Pressures HDUDA To Drop Hubli Land

When a proposal was made to acquire 100 acres of fertile land in Hubli on the pretext of HDUDA Layout, the UJS gave a deadline to HDUDA and fought for people, and played an important role in getting HDUDA to give up the proposal and securing their rights and protecting valuable resources. This led to a victory for the people.

Protesters Demand Action on Hundreds of Acres

People brought the issue of encroachment of hundreds of acres of gomala land to the notice of Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena in ‘Bendalgatti village'. We marched to the village laid siege to the Tahsildar’s office and protested to get the government land vacated. Officially given complaint against tahashildar.

UJS Fights for Citizen Safety Amidst BRTS Chaos

BRTS project has been a curse to the citizens of twin city, impractical planning, implementation has led to many accidents, and disasters for the people. There was a parliamentary committee report that BRTS is a failed scheme yet the local leaders brought it to us instead of making it just two way or flyover or metro like Bangalore. UJS has played an important role in raising concerns about the troubles people are facing with inadequate resource planning, delays and inconvenience for travelers. The crosslines where other vehicles have to cross has been a nightmare for people who travel every day between the cities.UJS continues to fight with the authorities to make the project convenient for travelers.

Legal issues

Legal Issues Cause Worry for Uttara Karnataka Residents

There is growing unease within the community regarding the perceived attempts by the High Court Traffic Bench, in the 2nd bench they tried to keep us divided. These legal challenges not only hinder the region’s development but also create uncertainty and frustration among its residents.

Rohingya Rights Protesters Storm Office

Protesting against the injustice meted out to the "Rohingya Muslims" in Myanmar, with hundreds of Muslim relatives Uttra Karnataka Jana Sena stormed the tehsildar's office and demanded reinstatement. Because of this today, the UJS has hundreds of Muslim activists.

Illegal Liquor Supply

Illegal liquor was being supplied to every house in the village in Kalghatagi taluk and when the nearest police station, which was sitting blindfolded, was surrounded, the officers who were sitting in the police station in a drunken state were warned by UJS. Due to this, the illegal Liquor Supply is stopped there only.

Disabled Access In Government Offices

A meeting was held with the tahsildars office to ensure that the facilities reserved for the disabled were made available to them immediately. As a result of all this, today disabled people have not worked courageously in the government office but are doing their work by telling the Uttara Karnataka Janashakti Sena.

Office Shifted For Accessibility For Disabled People

People with disabilities are neglected by society, for the first time we gave them courage by holding a conference of disabled people on the premises of Shivan Murty of Shivapura Colony in Hubli. The office, located on the third floor of the Tahsildar's office in Hubballi, was shifted to the ground floor for the benefit of the disabled.

Demand On Nanjundappa Report Implementation

500 people marched to Hubballi and laid siege to the tahsildar’s office, demanding the implementation of the Nanjundappa report.

Mashasan Right For Senior Citizens in Hubli

When Senior Citizens could not get the mashasan UJS entered the tashildar office, and made sure that every senior citizen should get mashasan at the right time.

Proper Ration Delivery To Poor In Hubli

It is the credit of the UJS that many poor people of Hubli got their ration cards. UJS ensures that every poor person should get rations in a time.

Industries ISSUES

Unfair Industrialization Practices In Uttara Karnataka

The unfair treatment meted to Uttara Karnataka people for the growth of industries is very much evident as major industries and manufacturing units have shied away from the region. Although there are small industrial estates are in operation in Gokul Road, Gamangatti, Tarihal, Navagar etc, the poor state of infrastructure in these places has made prospective industries to move away.

Examples such as Aeques SEZ is still not operational and lands in these industrial units have been purchased at below market rates from farmers to fill the land bank of the rich. Infosys which opened with much furore is still not operational and authorities maintain silence. Recent examples of Tata Nano Project and Hero Motors Plant moving out of North Karnataka is a big setback to people, their job aspirations and it invited a brain drain of youth. UJS consistently raised its voice and protested against the lack of interest by legislators in promoting industries and jobs in the region

Hero Motors

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